In this project, we have purchased ( based on the original plans ) and launched the LKF 200 type machine that is responsible for the pre-weld quality of the prepared material: the Rehm Mega Plus Focus 400W type is a programmed water cooling, microprocessor controlled, impulse gasprotection electrode weld machine, as well as the REHM Synergiv Pro2 450-4WS type is a water cooler protection gas, electrode weld machine. The two curveweldmachine is making big advancement in comparison to our tools we already have, both in quality, punctuality and energy efficiency. With this, for making the big structure manufacturing, the EasyLift r150 type gumchainfoot personal elevator is helping with the weld works, with its help, we can do punctual welding work up to 15 meter height and 8,5 meter outwards, both in the hall or out of halls. We have purchased our website domain and made our websites. The project is successful both physically and financially. As a consequence to the above, the energy efficiency and the environment impact is getting lowered, the financial effectiveness and quality is better, punctuality and speed, all in all: producing seems to advance and our market position is getting stronger.

The beneficiary is: Dunasin Kft.
The name of the project: The profit enhancing investment of the Dunasin Company of Dunaujvaros to purchase new producing machines and tools.
Sum of support: 7.798.550 Ft
Size of support: 50%
End of project: 2017.01.12.
Project identification number. Ginop-1-22-15-2015-01148

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