Our partners are more than excited happy satisfied when seeing their plans manifested.

We are proud of our several partners in the country.

We are making our work where quick – independent from seasons – punctual, trustworthy, professional work is needed. We work from Záhony to Szombathely, from Szeged to Budapest, almost in the full area of the country, where there is crane, cranetracks to build, renovate or build a hall.

Our most important part of our company policy is being trustworthy towards our partners. This means holding the deadlines, the prices agreed in the pre contract, and holding ourselves to the points mentioned in the contract. We only take up projects, that we can completely accomplish, in a proper quality and price-level.

We would like to satisfy even broader user needs.

It is highly important for us that our customers and partners that we execute our responsibilities mentioned in the contract in the proper quality, time, with using our resources effectively, aiming to our partners satisfaction, getting and keeping their trust.

This is a family company, that works for world-companies already!

The Dunasin Llc. Is working on the Papírgyár road that is most famous of its steel manufacturing and building engineering work. Also, that it is one of those rare companies of Hungary, that has already solved their pressuring problem of the changing generation. Ősi Róbert, the company founder and CEO is going to retirement, although he is still present in advisory position. Now, his two daughters are leading the company. Adrienn is responsible for the shift leading, and Kornélia is for the finances of the entrepreneurship. This is interesting already, cause Kornélia is originally a geologist, Adrienne is a light-industry engineer, and quality-securing Besides this, it would be heaving to go on a debate with them about professional questions.

Some time ago, when they have been called to repair the tools in a big factory they have been quite surprised when the company founder has appeared with their two daughters. The partners leading country is ( to be light about it) is not so developped when it comes to the equality of women, as it is with us. The Dunasin ladies were not escorted first at the door. Then the ladies assessed their tasks, made some engineering in the promised quality then at the next error-event they were actually asking for her help, and letting them go first. The Dunasin is such a family company, that Ősi Róbert’s wife, Ágnes has also been working there till her recent retirement, she was responsible for finances.

The sized of the entrepreneurship is family like too. The constant co-workers are eleven, while having the numbers added sometime depending on the works we need to do. When we have really big projects, like when they were building the Hankook preparation section ( besides the electricity, they have been doing all the tasks, and they are really proud of it) , then there have been 80 people working together for the common goal. Ősi Róbert is most proud of that they do not have to do sales-marketing: their partners who they already have worked together with, are mostly calling them back again later. When once our partner from Ajka has had a problem of their excavation, they didn’t even look for other companies, but they sent the machine to Dunaújváros. Besides this, they all have new partners in each year too, and more all the time!

Practically they work with everything, thats steel. Presently they are working on ten projects, and making their Papírgyár road company halt the time bigger is also in the process. Amongst the partners you can find such worldbrands like Samsung. Yearly we are making 200-250 price-pre-contract to our parnters, that are mostly accepted. We had a really good year in 2008, at the economic crisis, we still had our best year economically. Our namely works have the construction Jozsef Attila High School gimnastics hall in Monor. They own the yearly regeneration work of the garbage burning factory in Fót. They have built several factories in Budapest and Paks, and the line could go on and on: they have worked in several areas of the co ̈ntries so far. At Csepel, they have built the memorial of the ones fell in work accident events, based on the plans of Budahelyi Tibor, or they have made the Munkácsy Award Friedrich Ferenc Affair named installment, standing before the Pécs University.

Even though they have solved the ceo generation change successfully, the big problem of the company, is that our old workers are going old and it seems like there are no suitors. We have been touched by the lack of professionals left. But, in the 25th year anniversary celebration happening in the days at the Campu restaurant, there will be most of the workers who have made the base for the company and helped it build and make it successful. We can congratulate each other!

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